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Ad of the Moment

Throughout the year, we find ads so good that we want to highlight them for your enjoyment.

Belvita Next Stop: Good Mornings

  • BRAND: Mondelēz International, Inc.
  • AGENCY: Gravity Road
Our first UK Feelmore50 winner, an online-only spot from health food brand Belvita, plays amusingly on two well-known parts of the British national character. First our glumness, and second our pathological fear of interacting with strangers on public transport. To get Brits on a train carriage laughing and joking is quite a feat. This ‘candid camera’ style of advertising has often created emotional winners – seeing people feel an emotion (happiness) triggers that emotion in the viewer. Basing the ad on the “saddest day of the year” concept creates a story arc of sorts, but mainly “Next Stop Good Mornings” succeeds because of its delightful central character, who brings the brand’s core promise – making your mornings better – to tangible life.