Building profitable brands with zero waste
through emotional advertising

What is FeelMore50?

Each year we test over 700 ads globally, using our approach which is highly predictive of in-market performance. We take a shortlist of acclaimed ads, award-winning ads, and ad recommendations from all over the world, put them through our testing model, and then rank them from 1 to 5-Star according to their emotional power - their effectiveness. 2-Star is the norm but FeelMore50 celebrates the cream of the crop – 4-Star and above.

What makes an effective ad?

Emotion. The more people feel, the more people buy.

The more Happiness and Surprise they feel – and the less negative emotion and neutrality – the more effective your ad is. It’s that simple.

But it’s also very difficult. The majority of ads make people feel nothing, or very little. In our Ad Testing System, the majority of ads are 1- or 2-Stars, making them a waste of marketing money.

Ads that drive profitable growth – scoring 3-Stars or higher – are unusual. And the most emotional communications of all – 5-Star ads – are truly rare.

There are six core elements that make great ads. If you have a 5-Star ad, it will certainly excel in one or more of these elements.

The more people feel, the more people buy
All great ads are emotional, but some are grounded in strong emotional ideas. An ad can show it understands a universal human truth. It can create a powerful emotional metaphor for the need the brand fills. It can aim to create a particular type of happiness, like amusement or awe.
Story Arc
The one who tells the best stories rules the world
Some great ads tell a powerful story. They adopt storytelling principles – like reversals of fortune or climaxes. They have a clear plot and end on a high. They introduce negative emotions to make the happy resolution more powerful.
Familiarity breeds contentment
Some great ads achieve that greatness by leaning on what people know and love best about a brand. A familiar slogan or situation. A well-loved character. Or a fresh take on the brand’s distinctive assets.
If music be the food of love...
Some great ads have great soundtracks. A change of music can change the way a whole ad feels. Reducing or removing voiceover can make a story more emotional. And even the creative use of silence can heighten emotional impact.
It's the way you tell 'em
Some great ads are brilliantly told. They have just the right pace and length for their story. They are clear about what they’re communicating. They slip a final laugh or twist in at the end.
Somebody to love
Some great ads have great protagonists. Improved focus can make a character more compelling. Contrasts and antagonists can make us like characters better. Small edits can transform perceptions of a character.

System1 Ad Testing

Great emotional advertising leads to greater effectiveness & efficiency; most of all, it's what makes brands famous. Using our FaceTrace® technology, System1 Ad Testing measures what people are feeling, how strongly they're feeling it, the reasons why & predicts likely commercial impact.

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