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through emotional advertising

Why these ads?

We test over 600 ads globally, using our highly predictive ad testing approach which creates an Emotion-into-Action™ score - that number you see next to each ad - and a star rating. The higher the star rating, the more likely an ad is to create major, long-term business effects. For FeelMore50 we took a shortlist of acclaimed and award winning ads from all over the world, tested them and ranked them according to their E-i-A™ score. The norm for TV ads is down around 2-Stars - every ad we’re celebrating here did far better. Our global list is 4-Star and above.

Glance through the global top 50 rankings and our micro-rankings by region, medium, category and event. These are the ads which did the most to build Fame, Fluency and especially Feeling for brands in 2016. Enjoy!

How do we score?

Through Fame, Feeling and Fluency. Great emotional communication is the key that unlocks these 3Fs. That’s why we celebrate it every year with the countdown of the Top 50 emotional ads, worldwide.

Tens of thousands of new ads are made every year around the world - how did we decide which
to test? There are three ways to get an ad into the FeelMore50.

Coming easily to mind
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We test famous, award-winning ads. If an ad was recognised in Adweek Ad Of The Day, or was part of the AdForum Top 5 list, it was in. And if an ad won any level of award at any of the major ad industry awards during the year - Cannes, the Effies, the Spikes, Ogilvys or the Epicas - it was also in. This means some of our ads first aired prior to this year.

Creating a positive reaction
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We test highly watched, recognisable ads. If an ad achieved viral success - hitting half a million shares according to our sources for tracking virality - it was in. And if an ad aired as part of a big TV event - like America’s Super Bowl, or Xmas ad season in the UK - we tested it.

Being recognisable
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For the first time this year, we included ads based on our own recommendations. We employ the best researchers and ad analysts in the research industry – if an ad made them feel something, we figured it would make other people feel something too.

Success for advertising is measured in many ways. With these criteria we captured the main ones – award winners would fight it out with viral smashes and popular hits to create a terrifically diverse list.

Every commercial here earned its place by making its audience feel something. But not all the ads on the list gained 5-Stars. As you go down the list you’ll see elements creeping in that often hold ads back emotionally – a reliance on voice over, or simple product demonstrations, for instance. There is always room to make people feel more – and when they feel more, they buy more

System1 Ad Testing

Great emotional advertising leads to greater effectiveness & efficiency; most of all, it's what makes brands famous. Using our FaceTrace® technology, System1 Ad Testing measures what people are feeling, how strongly they're feeling it, the reasons why & predicts likely commercial impact.

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