Amazon Prime Lion Dog

  • YEAR 2016
  • Parent company Amazon
  • AGENCY Hakuhodo Inc.
  • CATEGORYRetail/Restaurant
  • REGION Asia Pacific
  • COUNTRY Japan
  • MEDIUM TV Short

Our Opinion

Babies and dogs are sure-fire ways to infuse more emotional engagement into ads as viewers cannot help but smile. Amazon Prime’s hit incorporates an adorable baby and an even more adorable dog to create a high 4-star ad that invokes nothing but happiness. Even though the ad is only 30 seconds long, it manages to create more emotion than many ads that are double or triple in length. Its effectiveness is due to its simplicity—one cute storyline with branding infused in a natural way and a short, happy resolution. It’s also universally appealing. The Japanese written on screen does not impact the storyline or understanding of the ad, making it easily shareable across cultures.