BBC One - One Christmas

  • YEAR 2017
  • Parent company BBC
  • AGENCY BBC Creative
  • CATEGORYServices
  • SUB-CATEGORY Telecomms
  • REGION United Kingdom
  • COUNTRY United Kingdom
  • MEDIUM TV Long
  • LENGTH 02:00s

Our Opinion

The second 5-Star ad of the Christmas season, from BBC One, is a classic piece of emotional storytelling – clearly told, highly emotional, and beautifully executed. The best long TV ads (90s or 120s) almost always tell a great story, and “Christmas Together” is no exception: it brings in plenty of negative emotion (sadness as it looks like the Dad is too busy for his daughter) and then resolves it entirely to leave our viewers feeling sky-high levels of Happiness. Viewers particularly singled out the music and the quality of the animation – this is just a great-looking ad, which helps push it into the coveted 5-Star territory.