Bear Brand Social Quotient

  • YEAR 2016
  • Parent company NestlĂ©
  • AGENCY In-House
  • REGION Asia Pacific
  • COUNTRY Thailand
  • MEDIUM Digital

Our Opinion

Bear Brand, a Thai formula milk brand, has an important message for mothers – your child’s success in life isn’t just about IQ (Intelligence Quotient), and EQ (Emotional Quotient), it’s also a case of SQ (Social Quotient) – how well they get along with others and fit in. It’s an idea that resonates in a more collectivist culture – but it’s also one more thing for Moms to worry about! So Bear Brand bring it to emotional life with a classic piece of feelgood candid-camera “stuntvertising”, letting worried Mums observe their child’s first day at school and discover that in SQ terms, they have nothing to worry about. SQ is a bear brand distinctive asset – its marketing materials are full of the concept – but the genius of this ad is how it presents the idea in terms of heartwarming success, not worry or fear.