Coca-Cola A Mini Marvel

  • YEAR 2016
  • Parent company The Coca-Cola Company
  • AGENCY Wieden+Kennedy Portland
  • CATEGORYBeverage
  • SUB-CATEGORY Carbonated Beverage
  • REGION North America
  • COUNTRY United States
  • MEDIUM TV Short

Our Opinion

Coca-Cola teamed up with Marvel and Wieden+Kennedy Portland for 2016’s 5-Star Super Bowl spot. This ad features The Hulk and Ant-Man in an epic superhero chase for a can of Coke. The two are initially pitted against each other, when Ant-Man steals the Coke from the Hulk, but by the end of the ad the two work together so that they both can enjoy a delicious, refreshing Coca-Cola. The ad focuses on the Coca-Cola Mini Can and is part of 2016’s “Taste the Feeling” campaign, which united all Trademark Coke brand products. While geared more towards younger audiences, the ad can be enjoyed by all, evidenced by its EiA score of 82.98.