Huggies Miracle Hugs

  • YEAR 2016
  • Parent company Kimberly-Clark
  • AGENCY Ogilvy & Mather Toronto
  • SUB-CATEGORY Personal Care Baby Care
  • REGION North America
  • COUNTRY Canada
  • MEDIUM Digital

Our Opinion

A volunteer job where you can literally cuddle babies sounds like a dream come true. But it’s actually a very real opportunity at certain hospitals in Canada, in partnership with Huggies. For most people, a hug is a way to convey love and affection without having to find the words to communicate those feelings. But for babies, hugs have been proven to strengthen the immune system, stabilize heart rates, and increase oxygen levels, among other vital measures. Hugs help babies acclimate to life outside of the womb and are essential for proper development. That’s why Huggies developed their “No Baby Unhugged” program. To create this moving 145 second video, Huggies partnered with Ogilvy & Mather Toronto. They not only demonstrate the importance of hugs for babies, but do so in an emotional manner. Adorable babies are always a plus for ads, and this one is no exception. With such a sweet concept, it’s a no brainer that this is a 5-Star ad with an EiA score of 83.37.