Hyundai First Date

  • YEAR 2016
  • BRAND Hyundai Motor Group
  • AGENCY Innocean USA
  • CATEGORYAutomotive
  • REGION North America
  • COUNTRY United States of America
  • MEDIUM TV Short

Our Opinion

Comedian Kevin Hart stars in a winning 5-Star comedy ad as an overprotective Dad. The delight here is in the absurd lengths he will go to in ‘defending’ his daughter’s honour from her entirely harmless suitor. The ad uses schadenfreude – happiness at others’ misfortune – which is a great driver of business effects in ads but hard to do well. Here the date doesn’t exactly deserve this treatment but Hart is such an entertaining monster the audience doesn’t care. Meanwhile Hyundai gets to show off their car-location feature emotionally, via storytelling not a clunky voiceover. It’s a masterclass in how to get information across in a System 1 friendly way.