Ipiranga Celular

  • YEAR 2017
  • Parent company Ultra
  • AGENCY Talent Marcel
  • CATEGORYServices
  • REGION Latin America
  • COUNTRY Brazil
  • MEDIUM TV Short

Our Opinion

Since 2011, Brazilian fuel distribution chain Ipiranga has used a recurring character in its adverts – roadside basket weaver Batata, a rough-edged type who is constantly being asked for information by passing travellers. The Batata commercials have been a great success for the brand – he’s a fine example of a Fluent Device, a recurring brand asset which drives the creativity in a campaign. In this 5-Star example, a pair of city slickers use their mobile to ask for information – unaware that it’s really just connecting them straight to Batata’s house. From Batata himself, through the “Posto Ipiranga?” catchphrase to the animated ident at the end, this ad is a great showcase for Fluency and Fluent Devices as an advertising tactic.