McDonalds #ReindeerReady

  • YEAR 2018
  • Parent company McDonald's Corporation
  • AGENCY Leo Burnett Worldwide
  • CATEGORYRetail/Restaurant
  • REGION United Kingdom
  • COUNTRY United Kingdom
  • MEDIUM TV Long
  • LENGTH 90s

Our Opinion

After last year’s #ReindeerReady campaign was a success, McDonalds double down on the concept, this time with an ad starring the flying beasts themselves. Viewer verbatims criticised the length, and it’s true this doesn’t really need its 90 seconds. But the effects are a success and the simple but heart-warming idea got across well, resulting in a 3-Star ad. McDonalds are a good example of a brand which uses headline events like Christmas to subtly promote a changing image – not a burger in sight in this commercial.