M&S Food #MyMarksFave

  • YEAR 2018
  • Parent company Marks and Spencer
  • AGENCY Grey London
  • CATEGORYRetail/Restaurant
  • REGION United Kingdom
  • COUNTRY United Kingdom
  • MEDIUM TV Short
  • LENGTH 60s

Our Opinion

There’s been a trend this year towards strongly product-centric ads, as retailers double down on activation over brand building. It feels like a safe bet, but it’s actually quite risky. While plenty of emotional blockbusters also have strong enough branding to drive sales, the reverse isn’t quite so true. But M&S have pulled it off – this is a solid 3-Star ad with the strongest Spike score (short-term potential) of any ad in our Top 10. Their formula for success is the mix of happy customers and lingering “food porn” product shots – which the brand have always been good at.