Marks & Spencer Paddington & The Christmas Visitor

  • YEAR 2017
  • Parent company Marks and Spencer
  • AGENCY Grey London
  • CATEGORYRetail/Restaurant
  • REGION United Kingdom
  • COUNTRY United Kingdom
  • MEDIUM TV Long
  • LENGTH 01.35s

Our Opinion

Last year, M&S’ 4-Star “Mrs. Claus” topped our FeelMore Christmas list. This years’ effort, “Paddington And The Christmas Visitor”, continues their streak with a very strong 4-Star ad, though this year its competition is a little tougher. Borrowing a much-loved character can provide a short-term sales lift for a brand, but it’s rarer to find it creating long-term profitable growth. But a 4-Star success shows M&S have the potential to avoid this trap. Like “Mrs Claus”, there’s a tongue-in-cheek element in amongst the warmth which feels very British, and it made a lot of people happy. On the other hand, a few found it “long and slow” and a low Surprise score points to  a risk of using other people’s well-established characters.