Nivea Second Skin Project

  • YEAR 2016
  • Parent company Beiersdorf
  • AGENCY Leo Burnett Madrid
  • SUB-CATEGORY Personal Care
  • REGION Continental Europe
  • COUNTRY Spain
  • MEDIUM Digital

Our Opinion

A hug is an act that is so simple yet conveys enormous emotion and feeling. In this digital video by Nivea and Leo Burnett Madrid, they asked scientists at Nivea research labs to create a product that allows people separated by long distances to feel as though they are giving a hug to their loved ones in person. They found a mother and son with a heartwarming tale who were separated by more than 5000 miles to test out their new products. I started crying when the mother discussed how she felt when her son woke up from a coma and she could finally hug him. Viewers were surprised at the end, as was I, when Nivea revealed at the end of the video that this is not actually a real project. Nevertheless, this touching ad received a high 4-Star rating and an EiA score of 81.45.