Purina Puppyhood

  • YEAR 2015
  • Parent company NestlĂ©
  • AGENCY Buzzfeed & Night Agency
  • REGION North America
  • COUNTRY United States
  • MEDIUM Digital

Our Opinion

“Puppyhood” was created for Purina by Buzzfeed, and it plays like a typical Buzzfeed video – funny, goofy and heart-warming. It was also created as a central plank of a wider content strategy, developed by The Night Agency, with a puppy raising website and community. So it combines two big recent marketing trends - native advertising and content marketing. Content marketing transforms the role of the brand – instead of sponsoring and interrupting content, brands create it themselves. And native advertising is a great way of doing this – brands collaborating with publishers to produce content that fits seamlessly into a viewer or reader’s experience. “Puppyhood” is a stellar example of both. In a sign of how times are changing, it’s also the most emotional ad of 2015. What does it mean that this video was our FeelMore50 number one? It shows the importance and sophistication of online content. It also suggests Purina have a big opportunity on their hands. “Puppyhood” scores astonishingly well on Feeling, one of the three Fs that drive brand growth. That’s what FeelMore50 ranks, and what gives it the top spot. The next step is to help it build the other two Fs – Fame and Fluency. And for that, it may need to reach out to even bigger, more casual audiences offline.