Sainsbury's The Big Night

  • YEAR 2018
  • Parent company Sainsbury's
  • AGENCY Wieden+Kennedy
  • CATEGORYRetail/Restaurant
  • REGION United Kingdom
  • COUNTRY United Kingdom
  • MEDIUM TV Long
  • LENGTH 120s

Our Opinion

The first retailer on our list this year, and one of the few who have gone for an unashamed big-budget, brand-building ad. Sainsbury’s marketers held their nerve when John Lewis released a similar school-play themed commercial back in September, and the resemblance doesn’t seem to have harmed their ad.

A simple storyline, the ad still manages to tick plenty of boxes, mining the late 90s for an iconic tune, and providing social media with one of the few meme-able moments in this year’s ads – the “plug” kid jumping into its socket.