Samsung Touchable Ink

  • YEAR 2016
  • Parent company Samsung
  • AGENCY JWT Bangkok
  • CATEGORYTechnology
  • REGION Asia Pacific
  • COUNTRY Thailand
  • MEDIUM Digital

Our Opinion

“There’re 285 million blind people worldwide. 90% of them live in low-income settings.” This fact appears at the very beginning of this film by Samsung Thailand, in collaboration with J. Walter Thompson Bangkok. Immediately creating an emotional connection, the ad continues to develop this feeling as the video progresses by interviewing numerous blind people in Thailand about their ability to access Braille. Samsung created a brilliant, low-cost solution to the expensive and inaccessible Braille printers by developing a special ink that turns printer paper into Braille. In a touching moment, a man presents his loved one with a printed note describing his feelings for her. When she is able to read the note, her joy is palpable.Samsung and JWT Bangkok took a concept that may be foreign to many and applied the universal human truth of love and access to basic needs and created a home-run, 5-Star ad.