UPS Your Wishes Delivered: Driver Training Camp

  • YEAR 2016
  • Parent company UPS
  • AGENCY Ogilvy & Mather
  • CATEGORYServices
  • SUB-CATEGORY Postal Service
  • REGION North America
  • COUNTRY United States
  • MEDIUM Digital

Our Opinion

Topping our 2017 Digital List, “Your Dreams Delivered” is the sequel to 2014’s highly successful “UPS Kid”. When you’ve got a strong emotional idea, don’t mess with the formula – just go bigger: UPS show not one but three new kids’ dreams coming true, and then they pass that good fortune on with gifts for other sick children. The ad is particularly strong on brand-building – it boasts a higher than average Brand Fluency score thanks to its constant use of the UPS trucks and logo. And its sheer joy makes it a 5-Star emotional winner, with strong sharing potential too.